Cardi B DID Get Cheated On! So Why Are She & Offset Still Looking So Damn Cozy??


In case you missed the news while hanging with the fam yesterday, Cardi B got a pretty terrible gift for Christmas.

Hackers got into fiancé Offset‘s phone and leaked a video that seems to prove he cheated on her in September!

According to, Cardi confirmed the leak was legit — it is indeed Offset in the vid. Though she didn’t comment on the cheating aspect, she did say the couple were being threatened with more leaks.

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But if the Migos rapper cheated, why are they looking so drama-free??

In a new Instagram story, courtesy of The Shade Room, they seem very couple-y, talking presents and parents in, and even appearing to have a dry-hump romp in the second slide’s video:

So what happened?

This Christmas IG post by Offset may clear some things up…


Did he really buy some goodwill with jewelry? Maybe…

But the alleged cheating was back in September, and Cardi did post a mysterious IG Story saying she was “single” back in October.

It seems more likely the couple quietly dealt with the drama behind closed doors a couple months ago — and it ended with the couple getting engaged in late October. Hey, he DID use jewelry! Ha!

They must be good now though. After all, just a few days ago gurl bought her boy a damn Rolls Royce! Not exactly the action of a woman scorned… unless those brake lines aren’t working…

Would YOU take your man back after cheating??

[Image via Instagram.]

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