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4 Maps That Show the Gigantic Hurricane Irma Evacuation

At 80 miles wide, with 155 mile per hour winds, Hurricane Irma is terrifying in its perfection, with warm, deep water and minimal...

Crunch Report | So About That Equifax Hack

Hi! You are about to activate our Facebook Messenger news bot. Once subscribed, the bot will send you a digest of trending stories once...

The Equifax Breach Exposes America's Identity Crisis

One of the most shocking things about Thursday's announcement of the

Copycats versus disruptors in Latin America

Francisco Coronel is a founding partner at NXTP Labs, an early-stage fund for tech companies in...

We Now Have a Detailed Model of the Protein Structure Linked to Alzheimer’s

In Brief Researchers in Germany and the Netherlands have created the sharpest 3D reconstruction of the amyloid fibril. This model can be used to...

Strange “Earthquake Lights” Accompanied Mexico’s 8.2 Magnitude Earthquake

In Brief The 8.2 magnitude earthquake that hit Mexico brought with it some interesting green and blue flashes, but they can't distract from the...

The Nasty New 'It' Doesn't Clown Around

For a while there, It...

Lightweight Kevlar Shield Stops Bullets

This lightweight Kevlar shield stops bullets and folds out like origami. The post Lightweight Kevlar Shield Stops Bullets appeared first on Futurism.Source link

Mexico City’s Earthquake Alert Worked. The Rest of the Country Wasn’t So Lucky

MEXICO CITY—"Alerta sísmica! Alerta sísmica!" Few things strike as much fear into the hearts of Mexico City residents as the...

A Stanford professor’s advice on surviving the a**hole at your startup

If you’ve never worked for a complete jerk, consider yourself lucky. Roughly one in five people polled say...