Pics Of Chubby Asian Babies Will Warm Your Cold, Despondent 2016 Heart


Brace yourself. You’re about to see the most delightful thing on the internet. 

Instagram page “Tiny Gentle Asians” features happiness-inducing photos of chubby, adorable Asian babies alongside hilarious, meme-worthy captions. 

The page launched about two years ago and since then, it’s racked up more than 50,000 followers, even attracting famous fans like Chelsea Handler.

But we can probably all agree that’s not surprising at all. The little guys are so cute, your face will start to cramp from smiling so hard. 

Just look at their smooshy lil faces!

Mel Kenny, the genius behind the page, told The Huffington Post in an email that it all started purely out of “irrepressible love” for tiny gentle Asians, or “TGAs” as she lovingly calls them. The name, Kenny says, perfectly captures what these little nuggets are all about. 

It me, @skrillex

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“The Merriam-Webster dictionary tells me gentle means ‘free from harshness, sternness, or violence,’” she said. “How can babies really be anything other than those things?”

Kenny’s posts range from Asian babies in precious costumes or stuffing their faces Asian babies chillin’ with pets, among other ridiculously cute moments that score a 10 on our extremely official cuteness scale. 

Kenny, who’s a writer, editor and social media consultant mentioned that part of the draw of chubby Asian babies on Instagram lies in the way their preciously pudgy features are captured.

“What I have observed is that Japanese and Korean mothers seem to take a more theatrical approach to documenting their babies.”

“What I have observed is that Japanese and Korean mothers seem to take a more theatrical approach to documenting their babies,” she said. “This approach is most definitely steeped in humor – using unflattering angles to best accentuate a baby’s chubbiness, for instance.”

Another reason why the page is so popular is because TGAs are, well, all of us, Kenny noted.

“The average person finds enlarged babies from Asia rather relatable,” Kenny, who’s Thai, told HuffPost.

She added that people often tag their friends when seeing TGAs that perfectly illustrate different moments in their lives: “Going ‘hi @friend remember when we skipped the gym in favour of that Family Pizza Meal Deal?’ is just another way people communicate with their friends during the day.” 

But when it boils down to it, the Instagram page is really just proof of the awesome, uplifting power of the interwebs, Kenny said. 

 “Joy can be cultivated via digital screens and it is contagious!”  

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