What CrossFit Taught This Entrepreneur About Success, Passion and Hard Work


In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Joe De Sena of the Spartan Up! podcast series meets with San Francisco CrossFit‘s Nathan Helming to discuss entrepreneurship, success and health

Helming does the programming at San Francisco CrossFit, where he works with a variety of people, from kids to triathletes, and helps create specific programs for each. CrossFit is more than a workout or training course — it is used as a vehicle to empower a person’s lifestyle, Helming says.

Working with a range of different people, Helming says he has learned a lot about success and hard work. When working with endurance athletes, Helming senses their fear. Often, this fear can be crippling when that individual gets too caught up in the idea of failure. When people are focused on a goal and patient with themselves, they are much more successful and have the ability to work under pressure. 

Helming has a new startup, The Run Experience, which provides information, videos and training programs to runners and aspiring runners.

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